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... more swords in it ....

The Pannekaukenfest is "swords for swords".

This is now also noticeable in the drinks.

This year, our main drinks stand will be supplied with beer from the Schwerter Ostermannbrauerei.

Non-alcoholic drinks come from the traditional swords house drinks Althoff. In the chill zone at the fountain you will also find Lessig's Brauwerkstatt from Bahnhofstrasse and various Hermann showers and colas from Hamm.

Our beverage suppliers

The Hanseverein would like to strengthen small, local providers and thus contribute to the fact that the offer in Schwerte remains colorful and lively.

The Pannekaukenfest has never been so regional and sustainable!


In the chill zone you will also find various wines, tarte flambée and other delicacies.


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