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  • Tapping the barrel with the mayor and the chairmen of the Hanseverein Schwerte e.V..
  • Singers on the small stage on Friday evening.
  • Image of the stage program
  • Side image of singers on stage.

Contributors of the working group Pannekaukenfest

The hard core of the Pannekaukenfest working group has grown together over the years, and each member knows it can rely on the others. Added to this are the helpers who come to the working group meetings sporadically or spend their free time on the second full weekend in September for the Pannekaukenfest. These spontaneous helpers are the second pillar supporters of our traditional festival, and in the past they made the swords Pannekaukenfest bigger and more diverse. For all it is possible to contribute to a good success in just one day or with a certain area of ​​responsibility.

Portrait of Thomas BuhlOur chairman and organization manager Thomas Buhl, has been our front man for the first time since more than twenty successful years. The freelance architect has discussions with the public order office, police, fire brigade, security service, stand operators and many more. Thomas draws the floor plans and makes sure that the guidelines for escape routes, driveways, hydrants and so on are complied with. During the holidays, he is always the contact person for contributors, operators and guests.

Thomas Buhl has been assisted for a few years by Jörg Sengera as Deputy Head of Organization. Jörg has created Portrait of Jörg Sengeraand built the lighting concept and the illuminated rescue signs and enthuses with his ideas for everything that needs electricity. He conducts the negotiations with the beverage suppliers and does the casting and planning for the occupation of the beverage stalls.

Portrait of Herbert DieckmannAs honorary chairman of the Hanseverein Schwerte, Herbert Dieckmann heads the public relations department and supports Thomas Buhl in discussions with the administration and prominent guests. Many years ago, Herbert built our ticket office, the old town hall, our Hanshütte, and is of enormous importance for his job as a joiner. On the PKF Herbert awards the certificate for the best Pannekauken as well as the Pannekaukenfrau as honorary price for social commitment.

For the smooth assembly and disassembly, the correction of any possible breakdowns and the coordination of the many volunteer helpers, Portrait of Dirk Sengeraprovides as site manager Dirk Sengera. Our man for the rough, without which there would be no water but trip hazards, which can blindly get the equipment from our warehouse. Dirk is in action two full days before and after the festival and has already solved many a tricky problem.

Portrait of Reinhard SauermannThe technical director Reinhard Sauermann is in demand for everything that has to do with electricity. These include maintenance and repair before and after the party, testing of the circuits, security checks, instruction of the helpers and acceptance of the electrical equipment by the honorary stand operators. A few years ago, Reinhard reported to the working group because he wanted to provide a few hours in the ticket office service. Too highly qualified, because of his professional career, we found, and offered him the position of technical director for the electrical system. Quickly we realized how enriching Reinhard is with his know how for our party.

Julia Buhl, chairwoman of Young Hanse and aspiring architect, took over the drawing of the stand and site plans from her father Thomas Buhl Portrait of Julia Buhlin addition to compliance with all legal requirements and safety regulations. In recent years, Julia led individual actions and topics, such as children's program and plant exchange and enriched with their ideas, the team of the Pannekaukenfestes.

Portrait of Jutta KriestenOf course, the Pannekaukenfest also includes the Pannekaukenfrau, after our town festival was named. This is embodied by deputy chairwoman Jutta Kriesten. Jutta is in the public relations before and during the festival on the road and uses her contacts as a senior shift master in Schwerte. It takes on countless and different tasks, depending on the program and focus of the PKF.

For the good wine and excellent Prosecco with culinary delights Detlef Krischek is responsible. He establishes links with the winePortrait of Detlef Krischek merchants and has long been successful in creating a wonderful atmosphere in the wine village in front of St. Victor's Church. The swords Detlef is not only known as a dental technician, but also as a dealer of South African wines and its delicious Flammkuchen at many swords festivals.

Portrait of Pattrick OstwaldPattrick Ostwald takes care of hardware and software in the media area and is thus as IT specialist system integration our Internet and communication officer. So far he was a member of the Junghanse with changing actions in action and carried out with the Junghanse various actions.



Portrait of Jörg Przystow"Words are my profession or better, I like quassel for my life and interviewe people who have interesting stories to tell .. The stage program of the Pannekaukenfest I plan and present for 12 years now for the Hanseatic League Association It is a matter of the heart for mine Hometown where I was born and have been living ever since. " This is the statement by Jorg Przystow himself. He is one of the men on stage and has been taking care of the stage program for years, as well as organizing the artists on stage.