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  • Tapping the barrel with the mayor and the chairmen of the Hanseverein Schwerte e.V..
  • Singers on the small stage on Friday evening.
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After a long but legitimate consideration of the club's management board, the owner of the winner lot with the lot number 108 was finally able to hand over the bike from the company Markgraf on 09.11.2019.

Winner Morgan G., 16 years old, living in Schwerte, was able to enjoy his brand new bike at 11:00 today.

The bike was in the presence of representatives of the board of Hanseatic League Schwerte eV, (Thomas Buhl, Julia Buhl and Doris Mohaupt), as well as by Jörg Przystow and Sabine Deifuß and the representatives of Zweiradcenter - Markgraf and Linn GmbH (René Markgraf and Annette Markgraf ) to hand over.

It was a rocky and long walk to the present day, as Morgan G. could no longer show the winning lot. He had gotten it from his mother and disposed of it before, thinking he would not win anyway. When we published the winner lot, his mother contacted us and told us the story. Since no one other than the owner of the winner reported after a certain waiting time, the board of the Hanseverein Schwerte e.V. decided that the argument was conclusive and declared Morgan G. the official winner of the bike. Unfortunately, this took a lot of time, which is why we were only able to organize the transfer today.


Awarding to Morgan G.
Official date for awarding the prize at the company Markgraf, with the representatives of the company Marktgraf, the Hanseverein, Jörg Przystow, Sabine Deifuß and the winner Morgan G.

We wish Morgan G. a lot of fun with his new bike.