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12:00 pm/noon - barrel tapping

Pannekaukenfest Logo

Barrel tapping by and with Mayor Demitrios Axourgos.



12:30 pm - the Pannekauken-Competition

Pannekaukenfest Logo"The Pannekauken-Competition" this time with test-horns from the Hanseatic city of Brilon and directly after the test, the determination of who gets the best Pannekauken from the sirloin. Since we are curious to see if there is actually an increase to the previous years.


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Schwertes School-Band-Contest

STAR AufRuf! Logo"Schwerte School Band Contest" with 5 bands of swords schools show what they got from their music teachers on musical tools and in the end there is a nice amount for the band from the Hanseverein. Finally, our schools are also in Pannekaukenfest. We are very happy!


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm - Caretaker Machulke

Caretaker Machulke

"Caretaker Machulke" is our man for all cases. He does not just clean up, he ensures order and safety, no, he can sing too. Bernd Böhne is an all-rounder and the caretaker is one of his successful characters, which he sets up wonderfully. LIVE goes without saying.






5:30 pm - 7:00 pm - Schmidt. & RHYTMUSGRUPPE

Schmidt and RHYTMUSGRUPPE (Press picture of Katrin Bauer)

"SCHMIDT." is easy and that's what SCHMIDT wants. also be. SCHMIDT. wants to make music, for the ears, for the living room and the big stage. SCHMIDT. Pay attention to his fine assortment of acoustic, electric, quiet and loud cover greens and little musical declarations of love to the music world from then and today until the day after tomorrow. Expanded by the driving beats of the rhythm section, SCHMIDT. Be loud and electric for the first time. Or also impulsive and acoustic. Everything with you. Would you like to hear that as well? Then be there! We are all SCHMIDT. And that's just as well.


8:30 pm - 11:30 pm - Soundpark

Soundpark"Soundpark" is like a walk through a large park, where a well-known song is played at each turn and at each bank. In this band are several members of Schwerte and of course know what to play on Saturday night. Mitsinger, which can be recognized immediately at the first sound. Just go with us on our long journey through the sound park. Music for all the senses, bound in a colorful bouquet from the park! Betting? You will teeter, flick, dance, just have a good mood!


Hanseverein Schwerte e.V.
Kreuzstrasse 14, 58239 Schwerte

Herbert Dieckmann (Chairman)
Tel: 02304-15225
Thomas Buhl (Deputy Chairman)
Tel: 02304-15887

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