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12:00 pm/noon - 1:00 pm - The Upside down Project

The Upside Down Project"The Upside Down Project", an acoustic cover duo consisting of Robin Mattes and Steffen Weng, will entertain the audience wonderfully with guitar and double bass. Two refreshingly sympathetic guys with sensational fast soundcheck and really good music. Two voices, two instruments and the perfect sound is perfect. These artists also come from Schwerte ...


1:00 pm - 1:15 pm - Dance Performance from the TS Thiele

 Tanzschule ThieleDance school Thiele presents what is currently so Hipp and Hopp, no matter what age group. We will explain to you what you can experience in this dance school. Dancing is of course clear, but ship journeys, Oktoberfest, mayor, etc., we think that one must know as swords and we like to inform you about it.


 1:15 pm - Awarded the Pannekaukenfrau

Awarded of PannenkaukenfrauAwarding the Pannekaukenfrau 2019 to a citizen, a citizen or possibly a group who have been involved for years volunteer and other people with advice, action and quite finances, support, but even very reluctant to talk about it. At least for a day we would like to place these people in the middle of the Schwerter Marktplatz, on the big stage.





1:30 pm - 2:00 pm - Schwertes new "school band STAR"

STAR AufRuf! LogoThe winning band of the STAR competition appears and enchants the audience with their music.



2:00 pm - final photo Hanseverein


The organizer "Hanseverein" introduces himself briefly, thanks the audience and takes a farewell photo.


2:30 pm - 4:00 pm - Lounge Taxi

Pressefoto LOUNGE TAXI

"Lounge Taxie" complacent? But happy and the ride in the musical taxi does not even cost anything. Four musicians under the direction of Georg "Schorsch" Nebel will enchant you and take you so slowly to the top act of the Sunday.




4:00 pm - 5:00 pm - Schwerter Operetta Stage (Part 1)

Program of Operetta Stage"The Schwerter operetta stage", in short "SOB", with its own fan base and real crowd pullers and since 11 years fixed program point at the festival. This year there is a real surprise, because there is female reinforcement and there are terrific voices approaching you. A new program and a cast of the new, different kind, can expect great things. Director Gerke, who also moderated this year, has come up with something very special. Who are the ladies? Yes, you have to wait a bit, but you will know the wonderful voices ...


5:00 pm - 5:30 pm - Moritatentrio

Moritaten Trio"Moritatentrio" original from the Ruhr Valley and rarely self-cooking or what was the proper band name of our house band under the direction of Uwe Fuhrmann? On the way the three swords seem to be, because they were there in 2018 and that was a good thing. They are the guys from Schwerte, cult gowns on, guitars and bass unpacked and then the songs come with Schwerte content and absolutely fitting: "Pannekauken with bacon, eat it up...!"


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm - Schwerter Operetta Stage (Part 2)

Program of Operetta StageIt continues with the Operetta stage and guests and the new show will surely have captivated you already, after you have strengthened culinary in the break.



18:30 pm - Conclusion

Pannekaukenfest LogoUnfortunately, our program is over, but of course you can still continue to be our guest, but in order for our neighbors to rest, we will not play music anymore.


Hanseverein Schwerte e.V.
Kreuzstrasse 14, 58239 Schwerte

Herbert Dieckmann (Chairman)
Tel: 02304-15225
Thomas Buhl (Deputy Chairman)
Tel: 02304-15887

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