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In the course of the Pannekaukenfest, the "Hanseverein Schwerte" has pledged itself to draw attention to persons and organizations that distinguish themselves through their personal commitment to the well-being of the generalitiy. Most of them are people or organizations that go beyond their professional activities to help people and improve our coexistence. Since this happens outside the public perspective, the Hanseverein wants to honor these persons and organizations with the awarding of the "Pannekaukenfrau" wandering prize awarded since 2010, as well as expressing appreciation and gratitude to the public for the often self-sacrificing activity of these persons and organizations , The first ceremony of the Pannekaukenfrau took place on the 17th Pannekaukenfest.

List of winners

Year Winners Reason
2010 Norbert Bosse-Plois Youth work in the VSI
2011 Antje Drescher Foundation and engagement in "Der Brücke"
2012 Eberhard Vickermann Engagement to "Pater Beda"
2013 Matthias Meltzer und Tim Sieberg Extraordinary commitment and assistance of a troubled woman
2014 Erika Neviand-Neumann Orgaization of "Schwerter Kunstmeile"
2015 Heiner Kochelke Engagement for the "Schwerter Sport"
2016 Lothar Meißgeier Of his sign local resident. Always committed to his homeland and the Low German customs
2017 Diethild Dudeck Postum for her life's work, among other things as "Oberschichtmeisterin"
2018 Reinhard Streibel Victim Protection Organization "Weißer Ring"
2019 Thorsten Eisenmenger Inclusion: barrier-free train station, inclusive music festival "InSound".


The sculpture

Die Skulptur der Pannekaukenfrau

The sculpture was created in September 2010 in the blacksmith Design-with-Steel by Leo G. Pira in Unna. From a 60x60x200 mm "steel block" forged Leo G. Pira this using 150 kg blacksmiths and a Zuschläger. The 39 cm and 6 kg sculpture was handforged in about 30 hours of sweaty work. The surface was brushed and sealed with clear lacquer. From old bondage as "old swords" he liked to donate this figure, as he says, to the "Hanseverein Schwerte".


Hanseverein Schwerte e.V.
Kreuzstrasse 14, 58239 Schwerte

Herbert Dieckmann (Chairman)
Tel: 02304-15225
Thomas Buhl (Deputy Chairman)
Tel: 02304-15887

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