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  • Tapping the barrel with the mayor and the chairmen of the Hanseverein Schwerte e.V..
  • Singers on the small stage on Friday evening.
  • Image of the stage program
  • Side image of singers on stage.

The Hanseverein Schwerte e. V. is an association with z. At the moment about 100 members, who voluntarily align the annual Pannekaukenfest, which is now firmly established in the cityscape. On the 2nd full September weekend of every year, this city festival takes place. We can now promise to get excited about a great program again, even though we only finance the festival with the help of sponsors.

Why do we appeal to you?

We need help from you and others to be able to "fix" this festival again this year: e.g. on the beer wagon, in the light installation and also for assembly and disassembly and much more. For a lot of personal commitment makes the design of the Schwerter Stadtfest even feasible in the first place and therefore we too are increasingly dependent on supporters for support.
As active members of the Hanseverein, we can say that we have a lot of fun during preparation and during the festival.

If you have the time and inclination to support us with your "power" for a few hours during the Pannekaukenfest, then get in touch here.

We look forward to your feedback.