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  • Tapping the barrel with the mayor and the chairmen of the Hanseverein Schwerte e.V..
  • Singers on the small stage on Friday evening.
  • Image of the stage program
  • Side image of singers on stage.

Pannekaukenfest today

For the past 23 years, the Pannekaukenfest has been organized solely on a civic and voluntary basis. In 2006, the Hanseverein took over the direction, after a loose round of enthusiasts had laid the foundation. Today it is the largest volunteer event in Schwerte.

As a non-profit event, the proceeds of the festival always flow back into the organization of the next festival.

The Pannekaukenfest is made without public subsidies: Many people with fun in the matter, contributions of the stand operators and the indispensable support of the sponsors make this festival possible.

Why Pannekauken in Schwerte

Pannekauken are the body and stomach food of the swords. Elsewhere there are a lot of stories about these specialties, especially in Schwerte.
Whether poor people eating or clever means to drive out the enemies in front of the city wall: In Schwerte Pannekauken are very popular.